Fibromyalgia: Living with an invisible and chronic illness
Fibromyalgia is the second most common disorder wherein about 2-3% adults are affected throughout the world. Though this disease is majorly present in women as compared to men, the toll it takes on their lives cannot go unnoticed. Especially, in a social setup in India, the mental and chronic illness are not considered worthy of attention or sensitivity.
What was your friend’s response the last time you said, “Hey, I’m feeling fatigued since a month.” He must have replied, “You suffer from some kind of pain every day,” or “Man up bro, everyone suffers from fatigue. What’s the big deal? Sadly, it’s not just your loved ones that don’t understand your feelings but many medical practitioners as well. Since the symptoms and pain is not evident on X-rays and other tests, many professionals refrain from believing the patient.
It’s not their fault. Fibromyalgia as a disease is unknown. It is only in the past two decades that considerable amount of efforts have been taken to learn about the disease. And these days you will read about Fibromyalgia because popular celebrities are suffering from it. For instance, Lady Gaga who had to cancel her tour because of the same reason.
But it’s not just Lady Gaga; there are people in every corner of the globe who suffer from this grave health condition. Surprisingly most of them do not even know what it means.
Even you might have Fibromyalgia, ever thought about that? And perhaps if you are a female your chances of having Fibromyalgia are three-fourth times more as compared to the male counterparts.
Are you experiencing extreme fatigue, pain in specific points, troubled sleep, psychiatric symptoms and multiple somatic symptoms?
You might have Fibromyalgia, which is the leading cause of unspecified and vague body pain. Under undetectable pain, Fibromyalgia accompanies Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Osteoporosis.
Lack of awareness and sensitivity towards the issue is making life hard. Fibromyalgia and the dangers associated with it should not be taken lightly. Participate in events and community efforts and learn about Fibromyalgia and its effect. Do everything you can to reach out to people, your loved ones, your neighbours or someone in the vicinity.