Different impact of Exercise on CFS patients
Chronic fatigue syndrome also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis and having the abbreviations CFS/ME is a syndrome mostly seen in women. The causes for this condition is unknown. However, this syndrome may be influenced by environmental or genetic factors. This disease is characterized by profound fatigue, sleep abnormalities, pain and other symptoms that are made worse by exertion. The main symptom seen for ME is fatigue for over six months. This fatigue does not improve with rest but worsens with activity. So far, there is no treatment for this disease. Some symptoms can be treated in order to provide relief.
The last thing you would want to see is a person exercising who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as that will be an eye opener. However, differentiation between suffering from CFS and CFS free patient can be done by taking a blood test after exercising. This is because researchers have been trying and making efforts in order to establish a reliable diagnostic process. This disease affects 1 0 lakh people in India. A report says that some of the doctors dismiss their patients because there is no particular way ME/CFS can be diagnosed. According to a recent study ME/CFS affects approximately 1 to 4 million people in the United States. Hence, it is almost beyond imagination to detect a permanent diagnosis for ME/CFS.
Altered levels of as many as 17 different blood borne substances have been found in ME/CFS patients identified in a signature by a medical university. Patients having an ME/CFS status for more than 3 years have more possibility of losing it. However, levels of ME/CFS may increase or decrease for patients who have a more sever case or patients who have less severe cases respectively. Hence, one must record their status of ME/CFS and then report them to their concerned doctor.
These statics convey the drawback of treatment or even the diagnosis of ME/CFS. Hence, if you simply get together all results of ME/CFS for old and new patients, who have less severe or more severe cases, with respect to these measures would have wiped out all the traces of the signature.
A recent study conducted by various researchers stated that a rigorous exercise conducted heightened the differences in a set of cytokines (blood-borne immune-signaling substances). This could differentiate between sedentary people who are suffering from ME/CFS and will know whether they have are a mild or severe case of ME/CFS but also people with significant post-exertion malaise but who were still able to get through the exercise regimen safely.